Causes Of Leaking Garbage Disposal And Its Maintenance Steps

As all the appliances come along with their working life and by the time, it became damaged or sometimes not able to work anymore. But sometimes, cause of our oblivion these appliances can stop working before their life warranty. You may also analyze that some of the appliances come with the cautions that describe what to do and not to do with the specific appliance. Same thing happens with the garbage disposal. It also requires much maintenance as it can also break down soon. So, people have to aware of the causes of the leaking garbage disposal and the maintenance tips as well.

Causes Of Leaking Garbage

Take a look at some of the reasons of the leakage of the garbage disposal.
•    People often throw out the bones and chicken on the disposal which can make your kitchen smelly and it can also damage the blades of the garbage disposal.
•    Do not rub it with the harsh chemicals and brush as it can harm its finishing and shine.
•    Sometimes food particles stuck in the pipe and cause of this; it will start leaking soon.
•    People often open the filter of the sink, which allows the food to clog the pipe of the garbage disposal.
•    It may also happen because of the cracked pipe.
•    Even if your sink has loosened flange, which placed at the underneath of the sink can also be the biggest reason for leakage.
•    Putty is also a major cause of leaking the garbage disposal.

Maintenance Tipsgarbage disposal jam

Following are the maintenance tips to avoid the leakage problems of the garbage disposal.
•    Do not throw the chicken and bones in the sink.
•    Do not throw the fibrous and starchy items including banana peels, artichokes, potato peelings, egg shells, onion, seeds, etc. because it can make your garbage disposal clogged and leaked as well.
•    Do not put hard substance into the sink such as hair, rubbers, grease, sponges, nails, glass and so on.
•    Run the cold water at least 60 seconds from the disposal when it is on.
•    Keep it clean, and vinegar is the best option to clean the garbage disposal because it never allows reducing the shine of the disposal.
•    It is advisable to throw some ice cubes into the sink at least once in a while.
•    Try to throw the food wastage and fruit peels into the bin instead of the disposal.
•    Do not use hot water for cleaning it.
All tips as mentioned above are highly effective and useful to keep your garbage disposal well maintained and also allow you to enhance the life of the garbage disposal.

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